Do we really need a roof over our heads?


But we certainly don’t need ceilings. Especially glass ones.

As women we’ve been managed our whole lives under the architectural structure of a patriarchal architype that demands women avoid real wolves, while shrinking themselves to the size of atoms in order to make themselves delectable prey to the kind with two legs. But I eschewed that behavior decades ago. On to another thought.

Do we really need a roof over our heads?

Ask the Syrian refugee, ask the American refugee we trip over on city streets, invisible to most…the homeless ones who have escaped brutality in their homes with only their children in their arms, and the clothes on their backs.

A roof is safety. A roof is protection. A roof is security.

A roof can be freeing.

A roof can be liberating.

A roof can be imprisoning.

It can block our view of the moon and stars. It can block our flight toward the sun.

Where are you living? Does your roof keep out the rain, or does it reign over you?

Do you breathe freely under its canopy? Does it let in light and warmth? Does it have a skylight through which you might fly?


4 thoughts on “Roof

  1. provocative questions. Everyone needs a room of her/his own to feel safe in , to nurture in, to think in,, to be creative in, to”be”in. My women’s movement of the last century began with the idea of a room of one’s own. Husbands hated the idea! Must never be a prison …must have open windows and doors to Mother Earth! Glad to hear from you again Jo. Think of you often. Send love to you and Deb.


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