On Writing

My first published works date back to 1970. They appeared in my school’s annually published anthology, edited and created by our Honors English class.

As children, we’d engaged in endless “duck and cover” drills, crouched under our desks, hands covering our heads, fearfully awaiting an A-bomb launched from Cuba’s shore. As adolescents, the flames of the Viet Nam War, assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Watergate scandal scorched our hearts and minds. In 1970, disparate reactions to the impending court order to desegregate our school were polarizing my neighborhood and home town.

Tapping into the vivid fears of our common teen angst, our editorial board aptly entitled 1970’s edition of our publication, “The Apocalypse.”

At the time, I was an overweight, overwhelmed adolescent whose best friends were books, and favorite activity was creating alternative realities with a treasured cartridge pen held in my peacock blue stained hands. I filled pages while others filled their datebooks.

Writing kept my soul alive.

And it has continued to do so ever since.

In my other life—the one bound by a material vs. ethereal world, I have worked as a teacher, a consultant in the field of developmental disabilities, a grant project manager, a freelance copywriter, a grants specialist for a large public school district, a technical writer of training manuals and related materials, an editor, and a program specialist.

I currently live on the West Coast of Florida with my soul mate, Deborah, and our dearly loved, cherished rescued Maltese, Lilly.


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