Serial Story #1, Part 4

Floating on an ice cube-sized igloo was no small feat. Quite the contrary: Zelda faced one of the most challenging periods of her existence as she fought to stay balanced, keep her few possessions from gliding off the teeny chunk of ice, not to mention herself from gliding into the ever swelling raucous river upon which she now found herself floating.The days of gradually dissolving igloos resulting in her ultimate embankment on a strange street or at the doorstep of a fellow villager were long gone.

This river was vast, its depth and breadth beyond her understanding, and unlike the river created in the past by her melting igloo, this river, created by a melting planet, was furious and unending. Her plight was more lonesome than ever, for she alone was afloat on the now vast watery wilderness, on a river now grown into oceans now overtaking nations, continents, the entire planet. Remnants of the antediluvian world would occasionally float past her ice cube. If something caught her fancy, she had but a split-moment to decide whether snaring it was worth having to discard an item of equal size and weight in order to make room for its retrieval.

Sometimes the timing didn’t work out: As soon as she tossed an equivalent item overcube, the item she’d hoped to snare was suddenly swallowed by a whirlpool. With so little time to think, her choices weren’t always the wisest.  She’d loathed the day she’d traded her last morsel of dried fruit for a stalk of rotted corn; the time she’d thrown her only blanket into the swirling waters to snag a leather bound book, only to find its water logged pages filled with words that had melted into grotesque inkblots.

Lacking her last morsel of dried fruit and her last vestige of blankety warmth had pushed her to the brink of surrender, yet somehow she dug deep and found within her the strength of her ancestors, the will to keep going. But on that fateful day, the day she pulled that limp book from the water, the day she found herself afloat without words, the day she was furiously tossed by waves without the comforting voice of a story, Zelda finally let go.

She abandoned cube, and as she leapt into the last of what had once been the great clean green and blue Planet  Earth— now turned into a giant blue orb—ready for release from her fate, she




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