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You’ve come to the right place! Feel free to open the following free downloads of my most popular titles and read them online, or off your own device.

Download The Last of Her Kind


Alone on post-apocalyptic Earth, young Charly Willow struggles to survive nuclear winter and find her family, until her chance meeting with a dying stranger.  His last request pro-pels her forward with a mystery she must solve, and leads to a life altering journey… one that places the ultimate fate of the entire planet in her hands.


Download The House Ate It!


Ever lost a favorite toy or book or snack inside your house?  You’re not alone!

Something strange is happening in the Roebin’s house in East Gnorplop. One by one, things are coming up missing: a sphere, a coat… even a baseball glove.  Join the Roebin brothers and all of Gnorplop as they search for the lost goodies, only to discover the real reason behind their mysterious disappearance.

Will they ever get their stuff back?  If they have any chance at all, first they must find something they never even knew they’d been missing all along…

Suitable for Readers Ages 8 and Up and a Great Read Aloud!

Mardluk Roebin

Meet Mardluk Roebin, the hero of our story.

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Download Yurnstern Saves the Day! (The Gnorplop Series)


BOOK TWO OF THE POPULAR GNORPLOP SERIES! Gnorplop is the most horrible planet in the galaxy, because Gnorplopians are the meanest, nastiest, rudest beings anywhere!  That is, until the orbwhiffler prodigy, Brainwella Yurnstern, lands there by accident and a local stowaway begs for her help. After all, orbwhifflers are galactic travelers who make their fortunes finding what hasn’t been found yet and improving it in ways no one has ever thought of before…

But is Brainwella up to the task?

Can she find out why Gnorplopians are so nasty, and really improve an entire planet?

Or will she just make matters worse?

(Humor/Growth Mind Set/STEM)

Download Christmas Present

Christmas Present

“This is a book about miracles. After all, it is a book for Christmas. And what is Christmas about, if not miracles?” begins this tender little tribute to the holiday.

Only thing is, the author’s Jewish.

Discover Christmas again for the first time, through her eyes. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry… and in the end you’ll understand, we’re all part of the same miracle.

Looking for that perfect hostess gift, stocking stuffer,                                                or “expanded” Christmas card? You’ve found it!